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Frederick Riddle

On Monday, July 1st on the R Frederick Riddle Show, 
I talkeThe Flag & Statue of Liberty : Symbols of our nationd about our nation's heritage.  Going all the way back to the pilgrims and the Mayflower Compact I explored that and other documents that clearly show our Christian heritage.

While the influence of Christianity is waning in America today we have a rich heritage to look back at.  Did you know that the Declaration of Independence, the document that authorizes the Constitution, has four references to God (God, Creator, Supreme Judge, and Providence).

May I suggest that today, the Fourth of July, that you take an hour and listen to this show.  You might learn something you didn't know.  But you will for sure learn of your Christian heritage.

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In the meantime, may you trust and wait upon the Lord.

R Frederick Riddle

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